elimination communication, then and now

May 6, 2009 at 3:50 am 1 comment

around two months


around seven months

ten months

Elimination communication (EC) or Natural Infant Hygene, is just one more way to be sensitive, tuned in, and responsive to your baby. This will come as no surprise to you all, who are so very aware of how remarkable these wee ones are, but it turns out that babies are born with an awareness of their elimination patterns and needs. They are SO smart, aren’t they? Babies communicate when they need to pee and poop, we just need to learn how they are telling us and then offer them a potty. Diaper free is possible!

Our diaper-free adventure started at birth, though I didn’t know what I was doing. It just seemed wrong to me to put a diaper on this perfect little bottom, and I had heard something about EC, so I held a cloth below her until I finally got my hands on this book. Then I started using signals, and actually offering her a bowl to eliminate into, instead of just the cloth. Catching those first pees was ridiculously fun.

We have had stretches of times when I’ve caught almost every one in a day, and stretches of many misses. The difference is how into the moment and out of my head I am. Intuition is a remarkable thing. I often just “know” when she has to go. It has been fulfilling for me to find yet another way to listen to my heart.

Recently we went through about six weeks of being out of sync. Every time I offered to hold her over the sink or toilet, she would stiffen her legs and “refuse”, then pee wherever. I thought it was all over. The winter weather had meant lots of diapering and maybe that took away her attunement to her own elimination needs, I thought.

Then, we got a bigger potty, one she could crawl over to and sit on. That was what was going on. She, and we, are now back in the flow. This ten month old girl will signal to me that she has to pee, then we get to the potty together, and there she goes. It’s astounding. Sure we miss lots, but just knowing what she looks like when she needs to go, just having that degree of intimacy and connection is divine. It has nothing to do with “training”, it is all about listening.

She shows me what’s up, as usual.

I wish I had known for Elliott. What a gift to know now. How fun it would be for everyone to have the support and information to practice this with their babes.


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  • 1. Grandma Linda  |  May 8, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    I find it hard to believe that Sascha is almost a year old! She has the same astounding blue eyes as Elliott.

    Hi Elliott!!!!! Love you guys xx oo


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