you are loved for no reason at all.

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We will learn to parent peacefully, powerfully only when to we are willing to consciously grow ourselves up.

Growing up is emotional.

There are many ways to get there. We can start by taking time every morning to set our compass, so to speak.
Who do I want to be, today?
What really matters?
What do I want to look back on in ten or twenty years?

This can create just enough space to become less involved in the drama, the story, the chaos of a day.

At night, gaze back, feeling your way through the day. What felt right? Where did I lose my way? Try (and try and try) to not become analytical or intellectual about it (oh how the mind wants in on this!) and stay with the feelings, tune into the body.
What matters, I ask myself again?
What is here for me? Feel what’s really going on here.

There is no way around this. If we want to parent differently than we were parented, if we want to evolve, we must devote conscious effort to changing. More than reading a book, we are called to BE different. This won’t always feel good, there will be grieving, sadness, fury. Feel it all.

Our children are here to break ourselves open. Have you ever known a more compelling call?

For more Michael Brown videos and information, visit The Presence Portal. Michael’s book is called The Presence Process


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