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April 30, 2009 at 5:10 am Leave a comment


Much to my surprise, a space opened up in the middle of the day.


Both babes fell asleep at the same time. Something in me knew. This. Is. It.

I ignored the laundry pile on the couch (which has been there for two days), the dishes in the sink, dinner waiting to be prepped, and rolled out the yoga mat.

What is this?, my body said. This is yoga, I replied. Enjoy.

This body and I moved through almost all of the standing postures of Ashtanga primary series, before Sascha woke up to nurse. Once familiar, these poses are new territory for post-birthing body. I also come to the mat with new interests. It’s now more than exercise. It’s about movement, feeling my feelings, remembering who I really am, beyond the little me.

I watched this beastly mind dart and storm about, furious and fragile and completely nutty. Arms sweeping up, heart diving forward, jump back, breathe. Breathe. And something important shifts. I step back and watch myself, a little less involved in the drama. Gratitude seeps back in.

It is really tempting-and easier than you would think-to avoid deeply experiencing (parenthood)

Nate Shildback
Life Learning magazine

As I spent much of the rest of the day with this 11 month old walking me around by the finger, I could see this temptation to avoid, to try to escape what is (surely, if I could just do this one more thing, then I could be, I try to fool myself). No. I want this. I want them. I want the deeply experienced version.


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