when everyone gets their wish

April 28, 2009 at 2:56 am 4 comments

One of the finest things in family life, in my opinon, is discovering a way for everyone, everyone to get their wish. Isn’t that what we are always looking for? Finding ways to meet everyone’s needs?

Here are some things that have delighted us around here, lately.

Raw fruit pie.
Elliott gets his beloved sweets and mama watches this boy gobble up brilliant nutrients. Really, is there anything more satisfying than watching your child eat something really, really healthy?
I posted recipe here


Hand-made (or at least modified) kids clothes. They get to wear fun, new clothes that refect their current loves (such as the goalie mask), and mama gets to be crafty and creative, making goodies for her babes. Pure delight.
(The shirt was made using wool felt and something similar to Wonder Under. The pants are cut off sweats with a new cuff sewn at bottom.)


Cloth wipes. Here is an example from Natalie’s house. Xi, who is 5 years old, well, she can’t stand having any drip or shred of moisture left after she pees (need for dryness, cleanliness, hygene-yep, amazing girl.) This little stack of cloth wipes that sits beside the toilet meets her need for being able to wipe multiple times, and meets Natalie’s need for conservation, by saving toilet paper.

Ah yes. Everyone gets their wish, and maybe more importantly, we truly value our children’s needs and wishes. That’s what we are striving for.
Here is one more, for you.
A Feeleez game that we would like to give away to you. (A touch of stomach bug left me MIA for the weekend giveaway, so here it is, a little late.)
Comment below, and be entered to win. If you are willing to share a story of everyone’s needs being met in your home, we’d love to hear it. You get chance to win, we get to hear your story! Any comment at all will get you in the draw, so if you are in a rush, just say ‘hi’.

Phew. Long post! Meets my needs for connection with other conscious, loving mamas and papas. Thank YOU.


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  • 1. Hannah  |  April 28, 2009 at 4:20 am

    I already have this game, but I wanted to add my own joys with everyone getting their wish.

    I want time together as a family and my daughter wants to go for a walk- so we bundle up and take a walk- in the rain. A little chilly, but it was so nice to walk in the spring rain.

    And like you, I love it when my daughter asks for kale chips even when potato chips are available- she knows what is good for her!

    Now it’s time for me to go check out the recipe for that yummy looking fruit pie…

  • 2. Ivy  |  April 28, 2009 at 4:51 am

    My daughter loves chocolate and understands that some chocolate is good while other kinds are not as good. I made a delicious RAW chocolate pie, cut it up into pretty squares, and served it in an amazing chocolate candy heart just like the store bought kind and she knew “it was made with love” so we both enjoyed a piece. Afterwords, she commented that my chocolate tastes better then the kind from the store. And (to top it off) two months later, after receiving a store bought heart of chocolates, she decided the heart box was something she would keep because I gave it to her for Easter (and she tossed all the chocolates inside). We had plenty of my RAW chocolate squares in the fridge. Her needs for chocolate anytime were met as she received the best antioxidants a candy could give. I felt satisfied as a mommy being able to have located a perfect raw recipe to give her.

    • 3. klaroche  |  April 30, 2009 at 2:04 am

      Ivy wins the free Feeleez game for this week’s giveaway! Yippee. Just email me your address, Ivy and we will send you the game. kris@feeleez.com

  • 4. Romy  |  April 29, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    mmmm….I can’t wait to try that pie recipe…I’ve been meaning to make it since you first posted it – Suresh and hilly are both excited to try it too and I am of course eager to offer my little sweet-toothed-girl (who is coveting a marshmallow snowman right now) a healthy sweet treat. Good raw recipes – thanks for sharing them.


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