what do we know?

April 15, 2009 at 3:18 am Leave a comment

I am reconsidering how the world works.

That is what Stephen A. Schwartz says after witnessing a Shoshone shaman named Rolling Thunder heal a teenage boy with a serious wound. He waved his arms above the boy and wolf appeared. This story, called The Mist Wolf, is told in Parabola

We talked about how the world works today.

Giving birth, raising children, that alone is enough to ask you to reconsider how the world works, don’t you think?

These photos about water by Masuro Emoto, can blow our little minds, too.

When opened to mysteries such as these, I realize, I don’t know anything. So, the question becomes, what do you want to think? What do you want to believe? Everything is worth reconsidering.

Who says that night is when you sleep?
Why not be there every single time your baby wakes up?
What if it is possible to heal anything with the touch of your hand?
Why not sit still?
Why not be MORE kind to a child when she does something violent?
What if our body understands more than our brain?
Why not drop every single one of your defenses?
Why not be vulnerable?
What if we can consciously create anything?
Why not heal a broken tooth?
What if a relationship is NOT about meeting your needs?
What if this child knows more than you do?
Why not feel bliss, every single day?

Seriously, what do we really know?


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