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Oh my, I can hardly believe it’s true. Barefeet? Sandbox? Outside all day? In and out without bundling and layers and boots? Juicy mango eating on the front steps at 6pm? Oh my. It really has been a long winter’s sleep.

When we truly love our children’s patterns and appreciate what a wonderful thing it is that they are the way they are, without the slightest wish for them to be different, we unify ourselves with them, and in the power of that unity both we and our children become more creative, more intelligent, more of everything we already are within.

From The Heart of Learning book from Oak Meadow Curriculum

I realize that quote may not exactly be spring-like but when I flipped through that book looking for the chapter on Expansion and Contraction, that quote jumped out. So there you go. In the meantime, let’s talk about your spring celebrations, and also be sure to visit our Feeleez blogbecause Natalie put up a new video for you.

With spring celebrations just around the corner, I’m curious about what you have up your sleeves? Homemade baskets? Spring fairies visiting with treats? Here are a few ideas for you:

Soulemama Traditions Old and New

Little House on the Rainbow

Knitted felted bowl pattern

Easter favour box on Etsy

And of course I love the ideas in this book

Whatever you do or don’t do, delight in it all. If you feel moved to share ideas, pictures, and the like, please do so!


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