a love story

April 3, 2009 at 3:12 am Leave a comment

Just remember that the story you tell is the basis of your life. So tell it the way you want it to be.

Yep. After yesterday’s post, with love on my mind, we went to the Good Food Store to get special dinner ingredients to celebrate our love for Papa. As we hung out in the cafe after shopping, I couldn’t take my eyes off an older couple sitting nearby. (I wish I had a picture of them for you.)

You both look so incredibly fit and healthy. What is your secret?

He says to her…Go on, tell her your secret

Turns out she has been a health nut for years, teaching yoga, eating well, lots of exercise. He told me she was 73 years old. I would have guessed late 50’s. We chatted some more, then they left. Awhile later (of course we were still there, many more crumbs worth inspecting) he came back, to tell me more.

And…she is the love of my life

His eyes were misty. Fifty four years they’ve been together. And his adoration was pure.

That is what I get for believing.
We always see what we believe.

top quote by Abraham-Hicks


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I choose you a love story, continued.

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