one day

March 28, 2009 at 3:29 am Leave a comment

This hockey-obsessed boy now known as “Elliott Peter Laroche GOALIE” is in love.

Mom. I like the players so much because (sheepish grin), I love them

The primary object of his adoration is Jim Craig, goalie in the movie Miracle which we’ve now watched, oh, probably twenty times. No kidding.

The big speech before the big game, well, let me just recite it for you.

Great moments are born from great opportunities.
That’s what you have here tonite, boys.
That’s what you’ve earned here tonite.
One game.
If you played them ten times, they might win nine.
But not tonite.
Tonite, you skate with them.
Tonite, you stay with them and you shut them down, because you can.
Tonite, you are the greatest hockey team in the world.

And he goes on.
And those boys do it. They play like it is in fact the only game they will ever play.
One game.

One day.
What if we really lived like there is only one day.
My sister told me about Griefwalker today.
We need to think about death more.
If we lived as if we had only one day left what would be different?

Our quality of presence would be immense.

One day. Why not live like that? These sweet ones already do.


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