magic and honey

March 19, 2009 at 2:36 am 3 comments


I Will…

Listen, I’ve decided:
Life is too precious to ponder
the petty details any longer
and to put it bluntly
I will not participate.
I will not be coming to the party
I will not be returning the call.
I will not be anything to anyone.
I will stare at the gray sky till it is blue.
I will walk in the green fields and
smell the wildflowers.
I will imbibe this life the way
it was meant to be imbibed.
I will listen only to my body
and the black crows.
I will live by the true laws of the Land.
I will pick the wild blackberries and pet cats.
I will write poems I share
only with the wind.
I will raise a child
on the edge of nowhere.
I will nourish her on magic and honey.
I will teach her the languages of fairies.
We will play in
the forest at twilight.
We will hurl all hardship
downhill to the sea.

Marni Norwich

Oh yes…that poem brings me home. Magic and honey, on the edge of nowhere, the language of fairies. mmmm. Precious things.

I’m thinking about precious things.
After children are breathing steady in the family bed, snuggled up together for however long before I join them, there is this space. I actually love having such a small window of personal freedom. It’s brevity helps me get to the core of what matters to me, what nurtures me. There is always some cleaning and organizing and maybe a little fun planning for tomorrow to create ease. I might do a sewing project or write in a journal for creativity. Coaching with sweet clients is deeply satisfying..sacred, loving, discovery, connection. Writing to you on this blog is, of course, so much fun (otherwise I wouldn’t do it.) Watching a movie, talking to Tim, or knitting and listening to something rich. I try not to plan this time while lying down while they fall asleep, otherwise I lose touch with what I feel in the moment. Be present and when I get up, see what happens. What needs doing.

How do you spend this time? What do you love?

Recently I’ve been listening to Non-violent communication audio programs here and I just discovered this! which I’m going to check out. For fun, have you heard of hulu for free movies?
So much to enjoy.


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i choose this spring. possibility.

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  • 1. heidi  |  March 19, 2009 at 4:12 am

    i love this poem! i’m going to put it somewhere where i can read it often 🙂 thank you for sharing your thoughts and great links! xoxo

  • 2. Angela Malson  |  March 20, 2009 at 4:28 am

    your thoughts are always so timely with mine, and what a wonderful poem! it is late and i am up trying to plan the next day, get some work done on our site… always, always too much to do. but, then something said to check this blog, and i read this, and i think instead of crawling in that space beside my baby girl. she has already awoken a few times tonight, probably trying to tell me to just come sleep with her, mama where are you? i do yearn for that kind of time, when i can say no to all of those things (and people) i usually say yes to, and just be, me and my family. i guess i do have the power to do that, to do less. i will definitely try. now, i will go kiss the boys as i always do and tell them mama loves them, then snuggle in between and let my baby girl know mama is here…

    • 3. klaroche  |  March 21, 2009 at 4:26 am

      ahh. yes. it pleases me to know that this poem, this blog, inspired you to BE. angela..thank you so much for sharing. i’m thinking of you and your family with love.


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