i choose this

March 18, 2009 at 4:49 am Leave a comment

I’ve been wallowing.
It’s never pretty. Starting with sore throat sickies and feeling low which leads to frustration and fatigue which leads to unhelpful thoughts, all of which revolve around the theme of this must change, not OK as it is. (Eg. husband needs to be different, house needs to be different, kids need to be different….)

Do you ever go there?

Thankfully, I am not successful at trying to get everybody else to change so I end up facing myself, once again.

Thankfully, I have Natalie who reminds me to LET GO.

Thankfully, wise wee ones on the move, having needs, unwilling to be put on hold CALL me back to what’s real: this right here.

Thankfully, I remember that I CHOOSE THIS.

Choice is quite something, isn’t it? We can be duped into thinking that we are victims to whatever is happening which we happen not to like.

But we are not victims.
We choose. Consciously and unconsciously, we choose.

During the first week of The Presence Process you repeat as often as possible to yourself “I choose to experience this moment”.

Of course, you can choose something else. But I’m guessing that what is happening right now is what is supposed to be happening. Your soul asked for it.

Elliott took this one.


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