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It is of great value for you to give your conscious attention to what you specifically want, otherwise you can be swept up by the influence of that which surrounds you.

Abraham Hicks

So, with that said, dragging my reluctant mind along behind me, I focus, beginning with what delights me already. As I open E’s baby journal to enter the snippets on scraps of paper I’ve been keeping, I read sweet boy words of wisdom.

I can’t make words yet. I can only learn.

I’m pretty snotty, but I’m pretty better.

Mom, will you move the cookies because I want them when I see them.

Girl, there are birds on the internet.

The goalie is mad about that. He doesn’t like sadness in his heart. He has love in his heart.

I’m pretty big so I don’t run away sometimes.

Don’t be mad about this, mom. I’m very friendly.

Mom, I want ice to grow all over so we can skate.

Daddy and I have different ideas.

I can’t wait for you to talk, Girl.

See, mom? It always works out.


See what you want to see. Here are a couple of more examples from today.

I’ve been wanting to smell lavender because we’re out of that essential oil…climbing into bath, Sascha picks up lid and I catch a whiff. Ahh. Lavender.

Looking around for clean pot to make ginger tea (sore throat cure) and thinking…we really could use another pot. Open stove drawer to discover glass pyrex pot I got for free at garage sale that I had forgotten about. Yes. Thanks.

Begin here, and you shift the energy within you. From that point, we can manifest anything we want…unconditional inner peace, daily belly laughs, fabulous new outfit, abundance of food and love for every baby born…you get the drift.

Also check out this for inspiration and this for adorableness.


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