Finding balance.

February 22, 2009 at 3:59 am Leave a comment

So many parents are seeking more balance. What exactly does that mean?

A sane, balanced and fruitful human life is a dance between the two dimensions that make up reality: form and space

e. tolle A New Earth

We lose our sense of balance when we are too focused on the ‘doing’ of life. Cluttered by material things, things to do, and things to think about, we lose ourselves and lose touch with what matters most: simply being present enough to experience all of it fully.

This too shall pass.

You can say that to yourself every time you feel yourself getting uptight. Every time you start to want to change things from being the way they are. Your children need you to BE. That means you are willing to stand in the puddle outside the grocery store for 45 minutes. If your life is to full of doing to allow for that, then make changes. They actually know better than you about what life is about.

There is nothing more important than this. This moment, right here.



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