Imbolc. The stirring of the seeds.

February 3, 2009 at 4:37 am Leave a comment

In the northern hemisphere, February 2 was celebrated long ago as the festival of Imbolc. Honouring the sacredness of fire, longer days, a sense of possibility as our winter retreat will soon be ending.
snow melting on Mt Jumbo
The seeds are stirring deep within the womb of earth, nature is waking up, and we begin to look ahead to creations we want to bring to fruition in the greening season.

Enjoying the ice while it lasts

Enjoying the ice while it lasts

cheeksWe created a light garden to celebrate the feeling of possibility with the changes ahead. Fill a pan with soil. On small pieces of paper write particular ideas, creative projects, or changes you’d like to manifest then roll them into tiny “seeds” and plant them in the soil. Place a small candle on top of each seed and light them. We sang “happy springtime to you…p2020267p20202721p20202761

You can also make beeswax candles here.
Or make a rainstick

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nutrition-spiration when you say ‘don’t’ and your child does

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