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We’ve been in a food rut. I’m not sure fried rice four nights a week constitutes a balanced diet. So, in a search for some nutrition inspiration, these are my new favorite cookbooks.


Last night’s menu included sesame noodles, beet salad with toasted pumpkin seeds and today we’re making a creamy carrot soup (made creamy with cashews and almonds) and french lentil dijon dip for vegetables. It’s interesting because Nourishing Traditions and Disease Proof Your Child contradict each other with respect to animal protein, but what the heck. I like them both.

So, in addition to some nutrition-spiration for you, here’s some Law of Attraction insight: consider the contrast you see in the world as a giant gorgeous buffet and simply focus your attention on what you love and want more of. Then get into the receiving mode to allow it to come your way. It will.

When it comes to our children, focus on their radiant health, their abundant joy, your sweet connection with them, their unending search for adventure and fun and everything else that you love. They will be so nourished by that energy, with vegetables on top.


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