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a child’s eye view

Our budding photographer has been experimenting.


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learning to read

We are savouring a mini ski vacation to celebrate Papa Tim’s birthday, although for me and Sascha it is mostly joyfully hanging out by the fire in the lodge, while Papa and Elliott play on skis. Three days without doing dishes, wow.

The other night Elliott was “reading” the salt and pepper and mustard and ketchup packages.

“Raspberry, cream, honey, cream, popcorn, rosies, cheeks, cream.”

He looked at me with a grin, like we were both in on a secret. And we are. The secret is: no teaching necessary.


We are currently reading this book on life learning and it bolsters our intuition. One of the chapters by Naomi Aldort talks about “teacheria”. What is that overwhelming urge of so many to instruct, lecture, preach, and in the process take all the fun out of learning?
We are watching it on the ski hill.

Amazingly, children learn. The question is, are we willing to trust?

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You cannot disappoint me.

joyful jo. photo by heidi

joyful jo. photo by heidi

When you hold this phrase in your mind, your interactions with your children will change for the better. This is at the heart of “working with” as Alfie Kohn refers to in Unconditional Parenting.

Here’s an example. Echo is 20 months old. She has gone through various stages of elimination communication, diapers, using potty happily and peeing all over. Right now she is favoring peeing on the living room carpet. When she has to go, Natalie offers her the toilet, and she also offers her the carpet. She explains that the toilet is convenient because then nothing has to be cleaned up, but she actually gives Echo a real choice. If Echo chooses the carpet, Natalie gets a towel for her and lays it on the carpet, and there she pees.

What’s the big deal? Echo will pee in the toilet consistently, someday. In the meantime, imagine how cared for Echo feels. Her mama is ‘with’ her, really with her.

So yeah, this photo doesn’t exactly match the story. The idea is that kids are a whole lot of happy when their preferences are respected.

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button set winner is…

Anita Woz!
Congratulations, Anita. Email us your address and we will send you the set of Feeleez buttons. Thanks for posting.

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sprout pouch winner is…

Jennifer! Thanks for posting, Jennifer. We are so happy for you. I am sure you will love your pouch and it will help your little one thrive. Keep us posted about your adoption. I’ve recently come across some wonderful resources for attachment parenting with adopted babes. Let me know if you are interested.
Love NPC team…
I will email you with information about how to claim your prize.

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Sascha’s new hat


Sascha’s new hat. Ahhhh. What fulfillment to 1. actually finish something 2. make something handmade 3. make something handmade for my baby.

I’ve been thinking lots about self-care. Maybe the ultimate self-care has nothing to do with having to take a break from your kids. Maybe its more about creativity. Knitting is so great because you can pick it up for two minutes and get a little meditation time in.

So sweet, this little girl in the green striped hat. How did I ever get to be so blessed to be with her and her brother every day?

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weekend giveaway

Sprout Pouch is offering 50% off of a baby sling, as our weekend giveaway. Simply comment on this post and we will pick a winner on Sunday night. That will be TWO giveaways tomorrow.

My sprout pouch sling has cradled two babies and it is still beautiful. Our dear Missoula mama friend, Caitlin, started this company so that she could balance work with being mama to her two wee ones and also contribute to the well-being of families.

Nowadays, I look across the room to see Sascha standing up at the couch! After seven months of having her strapped to me every day, it is so strange to realize she is having her own little experiences. My sweet friend Gabe said, "Well, it must feel so fulfilling to know that you carried her every minute until she was ready to move on her own". Ahhh yes. That helps me with the sadness of these changes which happen all too quickly, for my liking. Thanks Gabe.

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