response to ‘sleep deprived’ mama

December 28, 2008 at 4:15 am Leave a comment

we received an email recently from a desperately sleep deprived mama of 5 month old. here is part of our response to her…you will find some rarely offered valuable advice about sleep issues for you and your baby. BABIES ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. we are offered a gift from these wee ones…are we willing to change our way of being so that we can offer them what they need and also allow us to open up to new ways of living? sleep deprivation is almost ALWAYS largely self imposed…we need to do less so we can be more.

1.are you napping with your baby? you need to be sleeping EVERY TIME she sleeps.
2.i’m assuming you are still exclusively breastfeeding? is that so? then i strongly encourage you to eliminate completely all caffeine (chocolate, tea, everything), as well as wheat, dairy, corn, soy and refined sugar. your baby may very well have a food sensitivity, as many of them do, which leads to colicky symptoms and poor sleep. it can take up to two weeks for these foods to get out of your system, but you may also see an immediate improvement.
3.are you trying to work at all? i suggest you eliminate everything extra off of your schedule. you are in crisis mode…call your friends/family and get food brought to you for at least two weeks if you can. you need help and serious support because you need to be eliminating everything so you can fall asleep with your baby.
4. stay in bed for 24 hours at least. treat this like you are sick. often doing a re-connection time like this (skin on skin contact) can get you back in touch with yourself and your baby.
are you able to wear your baby during the day? this is really important…put her on your body when you aren’t in bed with her and don’t take her off.
5. are you sleeping with your baby? also absolutely vital for both of you. your baby will still wake as much, but you will not feel the impact so negatively if you are sleeping side by side. babies wake to feed when you are naturally in your light sleep phase.


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